These are some of my other GLaDOS reaction pictures I have on my hard drive. They are not all of them, but right now they are the ones that need credit where credit due.

If you have made the screenshot used in any one of those images, I want to hear from you. If this is directly yours, and you can prove it with a link to your original (or I happen to already know you, by which point I’ll take you at your word), I will be more than happy to credit your URL or name or whichever you want to use in the style of the last batch of pictures.

I’m aware there’s a good chance not everyone will recognize theirs, but I want to try and give credit where due.

Towards that end, I will NOT be using these in any posts or replies, until I’m very sure either nobody cares, or all artists have messaged me with what they want edited in as watermarks.

PS. If I catch someone reusing these without credit given after everyone’s spoken up for their pieces, I WILL message and I WILL tell you the deal.