Little bit of advertising…

…I’ve started a new askblog.

As for who it is, well…just take a look at my tumblr icon, and you’ll know.

Address is at asksnarkyglados on Tumblr if you’re interested.  :D

She’s built off my assorted GLaDOS headcanons from the drabbles and other ruminations. Fair warning though, there’s a reason “snarky” is in the name - she’s full of sass. >:3 I’m aiming for part bitch, part comedy, all GLaDOS. If you guys remember botherglados at all, she’d be somewhat along those lines.

She’s on an independent Tumblr account, so I can get her to follow people here and there. If they amuse her enough.

She refuses to admit she’s bored and lonely but she wants test subjects to bug her inbox. So pretty please?

Gah, I need to come up with a good Kawaii Stare GLaDOS reaction pic. Hmm. :3